LaToya Smith

LaToya (Executive Business Development Director), wife and mother of five (three girls, two boys) and one grandson, received her cosmetology degree from Integrity Institute Dudely University. Her participation in trade shows, seminars, and being a business owner for 20+ years has aided in mastering her business development skills. Black Moms Rock benefits from her power, dedication, and perfection in her endeavors and her willingness to volunteer her time and expertise shows that she strives to ease the burdens of others. LaToya deploys the mantra, “Passion is energy. Feel the power from focusing on what excites you.”, to motivate self, family, and others when stagnation threatens personal and professional growth.

Executive Business Development Director

TaNeashia Sudds

TaNeashia (Executive Operations Director) is a mother of three adult children and brings a high level of non-profit operations management experience into Black Moms Rock. She's managed operational aspects of NGO's with extremely robust budgets and high volume employee head counts as well as those that have branches all over the nation.  She understands the challenges specific to starting, growing, and sustaining a community organization.  Her belief is, "people are your greatest asset and therefore you treat them well". The way she works with those on the Black Moms Rock team and in the community reflects just that.

Executive Operations Director

Holly Vaughns

Holly (Executive Finance Director) is a single mother of four, (three adult children and one teenager), as well as, a proud grandmother who brings professional financial experience via a Bachelor's in Accounting and many years in the tax accounting sector to Black Moms Rock. She’s resolved the financial management circumstances of personal and business ventures and works for a multi-million dollar corporation. Holly takes a very unique forensic and comprehensive approach to managing finances in that she makes the process productive and understandable by all who are affected. Holly's personal and business motto is, "Treat people in the way you would like to be treated and even if they don't act accordingly, at the very least, you do". Black Moms Rock is fortunate to have her!

Executive Finance Director

Shawtue Shelby

Shawtue (Executive President), married for eighteen years (mother of two) knows how to develop relationships with others and influence partnerships. Her networking and marketing skills brings people together for a common goal. This allows Black Moms Rock to partner with companies and individuals who want communities to thrive.  As a small business owner, she is involved in her community and lives by her favorite quote, “The true measure of leadership is INFLUENCE; nothing more, nothing less”.

Executive President

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