Black Moms Rock began in 2013 by one woman organizing a dinner among her friends in an effort to tie everyone together as one big family in hopes of creating a support circle for each mom that would never be broken.  On that day, all six friends become a tight knit circle of sisters seeing one another through insurmountable obstacles and continuing a bond of fellowship that strengthened each family, their careers, and for some even supporting the beginning of new business ideas.

Those sisters decided to continue the annual dinner effort and in 2015 slowly opened up the idea to include other mothers.  That's when the idea to form an organization that could aid in furthering the improvement of communities was born.  In 2016, Black Moms Rock held it's first city wide dinner with the goal of bringing 15 new faces into the support network.  The invitation for the Tacoma dinner went out to more than 250 women throughout the Pierce and King County areas.  Thirty women attended and an organization manifested.

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